We are a small homestead located in Carbon County PA. Our dream of being self-sufficient and providing healthy, homegrown food for our family started in 2015. Currently we are raising Silver Fox rabbits, free range chickens, Call ducks and Nigerian Dwarf goats, as well as keeping a large garden. Hopefully we can keep growing and learning!


We started our venture to provide for our family and friends but have found such enjoyment in animal husbandry that we hope to share with everyone. Each species has its own purpose and place on the farm. It is our goal here to raise quality livestock adhering to the breed standards. We strive for healthy, happy animals that are also friendly and social with humans. 

Hazel, our mouthy coonhound, acts as the alarm system of the property. I assure you, no one steps foot on our land without her announcing your arrival. She keeps a close eye on the ducks and chickens while they are out free-ranging. All our birds spend daylight hours roaming our 7 acres. We enjoy watching the ducks take flight and loop over the house before landing back in the driveway.  We raise bantam breed chickens and also call ducks. Mostly enjoying the eggs they provide but also selling some chicks and ducklings each Spring/Summer. Each year, our hens hatch their own eggs and raise them. It is amazing to watch them teach the babies how to survive and thrive in life. Mamas always know best!

Raising rabbits has been a part of my family since before I existed. Here at MAH Farm, we chose Silver Fox. The temperament coupled with the amazing fur quality made them an easy choice for us. They are a dual purpose breed and for us it was important to be able to utilize as much as possible. Hides are tanned, meat is consumed and remainders are even made into dog treats. We currently have Silver Fox in black, blue and chocolate with the possibility of lilac also. All of our rabbits are pedigreed.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are the center of MAH Farm. Initially just intending to provide milk for our family, our herd has become so much more!! We fell in love with their affectionate, playful nature. The fact that we have milk, cheese and soap has become a bonus. Our goal is to improve milk production and conformation in our herd to produce offspring adhering to the breed standard. Spending more time than we should with them allows us to sell the friendliest kids. We are hoping to start perfomance programs and showing this year and are a current member of ADGA. 

Each year we grow as much as we can. Our garden is expanding yearly and so far the harvests have been great! Ideally, we would like to be able to grow and store enough to last us year round. Canning, preserving, freezing, drying and dehydrating are all on the list of things to conquer!! 

Hopefully we will be adding more to our homestead as it continues to grow but for now, we certainly have enough to keep us busy!!