Call Ducks

Call ducks are a bantam breed. They produce beautiful mint green colored eggs that are rich and delicious. Their eggs are about the same size as a standard chicken egg (like you would buy in the store). They are not prolific layers but are excellent at hatching them. Each year we let each of our hens hatch at least one clutch of eggs. We have a variety of colors including Snowy, Black and Blue Bibbed, Black and Blue Magpie, White, Fawn and Grey. We also have some crested calls. They are extremely entertaining and excellent flyers. We do not clip our ducks since we allow them to free range. They do an excellent job of keeping the bugs to a minimum!! We do sell ducklings and hatching eggs during the Spring and Summer months, so let us know if you are interested. 

Ginger 2.jpg

Ginger and her girls




We have a small flock of bantam chickens. They are smaller than standard size chickens and lay the cutest little eggs. The eggs taste exactly the same and are a nice cream color. Most of our hens are barnyard mixes, however, we have a silkie rooster. Our goal is to start a small flock of black silkies soon. This June we added a few White Crested Black Polish chickens as well. They are slightly bigger than our other chickens and have big, beautiful crests. We love to watch all of them roam the property. Bantams have a tendency to constantly want to hatch eggs so we usually have chicks each Spring!! And sometimes they even hatch duck eggs for us.