MAH Farm SJ Electra's Storm   #PD2212630

     DOB: 2/4/21

Sire- Waterloo Pond S'Wall Jackson *B

     SS- Little Tots Estate Sugar Daddy *B

     SD- Waterloo Pond CR Miata 5*M

Dam- SG Better Wayz Electra Star 6*M

     DS- SG Gillispie's Black Bear +*B

     DD- SG Better Wayz Sirocco's Star 5*M

Stormy 3_edited.jpg


Stormy is one of our keeper does from 2021. She is a gorgeous, blue eyed mini of her mama Lexi. She is definitely one of the quieter does. So far, she is growing into a beautiful girl. Looking forward to getting her on milk test in 2023!!


2022- Triplets (does)