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Gigi is short for Ghirardelli, which is the perfect name for this dark chocolate beauty with crystal blue eyes!! Gigi took a few months to come around but now she loves petting and attention. She has had no issues kidding and is a great mama! We are really excited to see her babies once again!!

Gigi exceeded my expectations and earned her milk star as a first freshener in 2020. Hopefully another full lactation will show what she is really capable of producing. 

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MINSLIL1S O Ghirardelli  1*M


     DOB: 9/23/18


Sire- Addyson Acres B Blue Orion

     SS- Crookedcedar Farm R Betelgeuse

     SD- Cabin Creek Minis Miss Lexi

Dam- Better Wayz Chickadee

    DS- SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay +B

    DD- Old Mountain Farm Magpie

Kidding History-

2020- Triplets (2 Bucks, Doe)

2021- Triplets (Buck, 2 Does)

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Gigi 2_edited.jpg

2F Udder, 8 to 10 hr fill, hoping to get better pictures in 2022

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Gigi Blue.jpg
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Better Wayz Chickadee

Photo courtesy of MinsLil1s

Addyson Acres B Blue Orion

Photo courtesy of MinsLil1s

Cabin Creeks Minis Miss Lexi

Photo courtesy of Cabin Creek Minis