MAH Farm SJ Ophelia    #D2075800P

     DOB: 2/9/20

Sire- Waterloo Pond S'Wall Jackson *B

     SS- Little Tots Estate Sugar Daddy *B

     SD- Waterloo Pond CR Miata 5*M

Dam- The Pheebe 2*M

     DS- Buckhorn Run BB Emmitt *B

     DD- AGS Kids Corral FF Zuzu 1*M

Lia 3.jpg

 Kidding History

2021- Twins (buck/doe)


Lia is one of our keeper does from 2020. She has a great pedigree behind her and is maturing nicely so far. Bonus...she is moonspotted and polled too!! 

Although we did not get to complete milk testing for the entire year 2021, Lia kidded easily with twins and had an impressive first freshening udder. Excited to see how she progresses in 2022!!

Lia .jpg
Lia 4_edited.jpg
Lia 5_edited.jpg

FF Udder, 8 to 10 hour fill