Better Wayz Merry 4*M


          DOB: 1/13/19

Sire- Better Wayz Sirocco's Legacy *B

     SS- SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay +*B

     SD- SG Old Mountain Farm Sirocco 4*M 

Dam- SG Better Wayz Funshine Carabear 3*M

     DS- SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay +*B

     DD- SG Better Wayz Carabear 2*M


Merry 4.jpg

Merry was a new doe to our herd in 2020. She has a playful, spunky personality. She brings a lot of joy and entertainment to our farm. It took a few months for her to warm up but now she is one of the first in line for attention. Merry is a very promising doe with a terrific pedigree behind her. We are looking forward to seeing what she can bring to our herd. 

Merry 5.jpg


Kidding History 

2021- Twins (Buck/Doe)