Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a miniature dairy breed. They are well suited for small farms and homesteads due to smaller size. Despite their small stature, they are still excellent milk producers and breeders. We find them to be extremely hearty in heat and cold. Their playful personalities and loving demeanor make them excellent pets and 4H animals as well.

Our first intentions were to raise a small herd to supply our family with fresh goats milk. We quickly realized that four goats was not going to be enough. At this point, we have about fifteen and that number could easily double if we had the time and space. Nigerians are sweet, affectionate, smart and sassy all wrapped up in a cute little package. Making cheese, soap, caramel and many other products is just icing on the cake!! If you have any questions about cheese or soap send us a message.

We take pride in raising healthy, happy goats that are beyond friendly and social. While aiming to meet the breed standard, we also enjoy flashy goats. Blue eyes, moonspots and a variety of colors are possible each year. We fell in love with this breed and want to share that passion with everyone!

This page will provide info on all of our does and bucks. As pictures become available, we will update. Available kids will be posted on the "Available" page. There is a breeding schedule available in the "Kids" section of this page. Let us know if you are looking for something specific or would like to be added to the wait list for kids. We are hoping to improve each year. Milk test and linear appraisal should be added to our program in 2020. 

We are officially an ADGA Plus herd!! Our girls were started on milk test this year and we look forward to seeing their production levels. Unfortunately, this year Linear Appraisal was cancelled due to Covid 19, but we are excited to see how our herd appraises in 2021. Milk testing and appraisals provide us important information to greatly improve our herd overall.




All our goats are annually tested for CAE, CL and Johnes. Our milking does are also tested for Brucellosis and TB. We got a clean bill of health in January 2021. Our herd is registered with ADGA and hopes to participate in performance programs in 2023, including linear appraisals and milk testing. We took a break for a few years but will be back at it next year. Our goal is to produce healthy, heavy milking, structurally correct goats that will perform well in the ring and on the stand. 


Here you will find all of our does. They each have their own page. As kidding season begins, I hope to include udder photos for each. 


This year we added two new bucks to our herd. We are very excited to see what they produce next year. Like our girls, the boys are annually tested for CAE, CL and Johnes. They are also ADGA registered. 


We offer stud service in the form of driveway "dates" for those that choose not to keep a buck for breeding. Current testing is required for does. We do not lease out or board here. Price is discounted for multiple does and return visits are free if not settled the first time. Please contact us for more info.


One of the greatest joys we have here are the baby goats! We try to be present at birth and imprint as much as possible while letting mama provide the best care available. We do breed yearly to maintain a constant supply of milk. Kidding usually starts in December or January. Kids are dam raised unless we absolutely have to bottle feed. We believe this is the healthiest way for them to start out. Spending extra time with them ensures they are friendly, social goats when they are ready for new homes. Our goal is to produce kids that adhere to the breed standard and will perform well both in show and production. Each year we are trying to improve our herd.

There are links here for pictures of kids from previous years, as well as a sales agreement and breeding schedule. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.