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Sky is a gorgeous black and white doe with blue eyes. She has a playful, spunky personality and loves attention! Easily kids with multiples and does a wonderful job of raising them. Looking forward to see what she produces this year.  

Addyson Acres SB Vanilla Sky  #D1765464

     DOB: 2/16/16

Sire- Old Mountain Farm Springbok

     SS- SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos +*B

          SSS- NC Promisedland Tur-Beau +*B *S

          SSD- Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn 4*M

     SD- AGS AR Deldale Fawn *D 2*M

          SDS- AGS Honeysuckle Ridge Dakota

          SDD- SG ARMCH Denning Hill Michi Kasu 1*M

Dam- Windover Farms Mango

     DS-AGS Pocket Sized BT Whiskey *S

          DSS- AGS Caesar's Villa R Beethoven +*S

          DSD- AGS Pocket Sized NN Paris *D

     DD- AGS Windover Farms Domino

          DDS- AGS Love My Critters Yukon Jack

          DDD- AGS Treybyrne Farm Snickers

Posed and udder photos coming soon!

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Kidding History-

2017- twins (does)

2018- twins (buck/doe)

2019- triplets (bucks)

2020- twins (buck/doe)

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Old Mountain Farm Springbok

Photos courtesy of Lil Swataras ND


Windover Farms Mango

Photos courtesy of Buttermilk Creek Farm

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AGS Windover Farms Domino

Photos courtesy of Lil Swataras ND

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AGS Pocket Sized BT Whiskey

Photos courtesy of Lil Swataras ND