MAH Farm Stud Service Agreement


We offer our bucks to stand for stud service in the form of "driveway dates". We do not lease our bucks out or board does here. All breeding is done on MAH Farm's property. Any doe deemed unfit for breeding due to health issues or body condition will be refused at our discretion.


Driveway breeding~ If you have timed your does heat cycle, we can schedule a    "driveway breeding". Our does usually come into heat for three days, the middle day      is usually when the doe is most receptive to being bred. If you bring a doe that              absolutely will not stand for our buck, we will not force her. We will ask that you            bring her back when she is receptive.


We here at MAH Farm agree to let our buck goats stand for stud service under certain circumstances. These include:


1.  Does must come from healthy herds and be free of visible disease. We will not                  service does that appear sick, have lice or mites, are coughing, or have abscesses            of any kind.


2.  Prior to visiting, all does must have a negative test for CAE, CL, and Johne's                      Disease.


3.  Stud fees vary based upon the individual buck.  The appropriate stud fee is to be              paid in cash only, prior to breeding.


4.  The doe's owner is responsible for reporting any subsequent heats, following                    breeding, to confirm pregnancy, or to refute it.  

5.  Does with multiple teats, or teat defects, will not receive a service memo. (Kids can        be used as milkers, of course, but not registered). We reserve the right to refuse              service to a doe for any reason we see fit.


6.  Owner will notify MAH Farm of offspring's numbers, weight, color, sex and eye                color, for our buck records.  We would also like, though do not require, to be                    informed of any show wins from said service breeding kids.


7.  We cannot guarantee the future health of kids from serviced breeding.  We                        cannot/will not guarantee the kids from service breedings will be of show quality,          breeding quality or of a specific height.


As part of the Stud Service MAH Farm agrees:


1.  That all our service bucks are registered with American Dairy Goat Association.


2.  That all of our bucks have passed CAE, CL and Johnes testing.


3.  That all bucks used for stud service are healthy and free from genetic faults, such            as spur teats, multiple orifices or other major disqualification.


4.  That repeat breedings will be available in the case of a doe that has not "settled,"            following previous breedings, up to the point of 6 months.


5.  In the event that a doe has not settled after 6 months, all money will be refunded.

We offer lifetime support and assitance to anyone involved in the breed in anyway possible. We strive to improve the Nigerian Dwarf community of breeders and the overall breed.



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